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In various industrial, commercial, and consumer applications, items are weighed using floor scales and other ground-based weighing equipment. Floor scales are the best industrial weighing devices for measuring large loads, oversized objects, and other items that can be difficult to load onto a normal scale. Examples of these scales include platform scales, pallet scales, and pallet beams, which are all weighing devices operated at floor level. They are common in industrial settings and enterprises where smaller capacity sizes are insufficient. Read More…

Floor Scales Floor scales are ground-based weighing systems used to measure the weight of objects in a number of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. The most common type of platform scale, these devices can rate loads as light as a few pounds and as heavy as 100,000 pounds.

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For over 30 years, International Road Dynamics has been weighing vehicles for traffic data collection and weight enforcement. We are a multi-discipline company that offers high quality scales including portable static, portable Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and high-speed systems. Our line of traffic data collection products includes traffic counters, classifiers, static and dynamic weigh pads and more.

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Founded in Ontario Canada we have been providing a variety of industrial scales since we first opened our doors. Our products serve many diverse industries including aerospace, automotive and medical as well as a variety of others. We are dedicated to ensuring that each customer is receiving the exact product that they have been searching for! Contact our company through telephone or email or...

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The sizes of floor scales vary, with some platforms covering just a few square feet and others several hundred. This range shows the wide variety of applications for floor scales in daily operations across numerous sectors. Scale readings may be off if they are set up on soft surfaces like carpets or floor mats, so a weighing scale should be placed on a sturdy surface for an accurate reading.

floor scale

Types of Floor Scales

The ideal floor scale depends on the item's dimensions and weight; the type of loading, mobility, and ramp space one has are further considerations. Platform and vehicle scales are different varieties of floor scales.

Simple Floor Scales

The simplest kind of floor scale is a basic floor scale. Its rectangular platform, which is flat on the floor, can be stacked with items. The platform's top slopes upward from the base. The objects are loaded on the scale manually or with moving tools like pallet jacks, forklifts, pushcarts, or hand trucks. Typically, these floor scales are square, and a tread plate serves as the standard material. For a smooth surface, floor scales can also offered in stainless steel. In addition, one can add ramps to a straightforward floor scale to load and unload objects efficiently.

basic floor scale with ramps

Cargo Scales

Engineers first used these scales to weigh air cargo in the freight sector. A variety of businesses can utilize these scales. Cargo scales come in several designs. Roller cargo scales contain rollers, and cargo scales with swivel casters enable movement in any direction. Over a hundred heavy-duty swivel casters can be present on these scales. A cargo scale is a low-lying product roughly twice as large as a typical floor scale. It works well for large loads.

cargo weighing scale

Truck Scales

Truck scales are used to weigh cargo carried by trucks, track overloaded vehicles on roads and bridges, and keep track of the volume of goods entering and leaving various facilities. Many types of truck scales are comparable to large floor scales with a high weight capacity. They are located in inspection and check stations along highways. Truck scales need additional load cells, or sensors that detect force, because they measure large quantities. Six to twelve load cells are normal on a truck scale.

truck scales

Mobile/Portable Floor Scales

Portable floor scales are more mobile than other floor scales. As a result, it is frequently more affordable to use a portable floor scale than to put many floor scales in proximity. Most portable floor scales are battery-powered with a rechargeable feature so they can be run in various locations without relying on a stationary electrical outlet, taking advantage of their mobility. At the base of the platform, they include sturdy caster or rubber wheels that allow users to slide the portable floor scale. It is also possible to install ramps for increased convenience.

portable floor scale

Low-profile scales

Manufacturers can use a low-profile scale to overcome the ramp space shortage issue. Due to the load cells' presence, two sides are taller than a basic scale. The remaining portion of the platform is only 2 inches high. As a result, ramps a result, ramp space requirements are reduced, resulting in easier manual loading and unloading for the worker and improved accessibility for the moving equipment. Ramps for low-profile scales are only 1 foot long. Even smaller scales with ramps half that size exist.

low profile floor scale

Applications of Floor Scales

  • In the retail industry, stock pallet loading and weighing are simplified with floor scales, providing quick results with no fuss or inconvenience to the operations.
  • Floor scales are used in warehouses and storage facilities for statistical purposes. All items in storage have records kept, and occasionally the weight is required.
  • In the agricultural industry, portable floor scales are frequently used to weigh bulk agricultural products such as grain, fertilizer, lumber, bamboo, hemp, flax, and silk. Ranchers also use them to weigh cattle and keep track of the weight of different animals.
  • In the healthcare industry, several different types of floor scales are used. For example, digital scales are typically employed as part of treatment plans to keep track of a baby's growth.

Benefits of Floor Scales

  • Greater ability to bear heavier loads
  • Simple to store between uses (for portable scales)
  • High applicability
  • Built to last under heavy use
  • Simple to weigh freight without unloading trucks
  • Simplifies bulk purchasing by weight

Choosing the Correct Floor Scale Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing floor scales from floor scale manufacturers, it is important to compare at least four manufacturers using our list of floor scale companies. Each floor scale manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each floor scale company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple floor scale companies with the same form.

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