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The primary advantage of digital displays over analogue displays is that they are more easily and quickly readable. This is true of most digital displays, in and out of the context of scales. In industrial contexts, for example, several seconds can be saved by an employee who can quickly look at a digital scale during an industrial process instead of an employee who has to decipher the readout on an analogue scale. Read More…

Digital Scales Digital scales are weight measurement tools that indicate measured weight on a digital display. They are distinct from analogue displays, which provide weight measurements on a turning dial, a balance beam or by other means.
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Leading Manufacturers

West Conshohocken, PA  |  610-825-3310

Strainsert is a manufacturer of a variety of precision made scales, in addition to force sensing transducers, miniature load cells, pins & bolts.

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Strainsert Company $$$

San Fernando, CA  |  800-394-6622

AAA Weigh is a manufacturer of industrial scales. Also offered are electronic, counting, floor, digital and platform scales. Our customer service representatives are factory trained to offer you excellent service and to help you make the right decision regarding your weigh scale purchase.

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AAA Weigh Incorporated $$$

Worcester, MA  |  508-853-2886

Worcester Scale has been a distributor of industrial scales and counters for over fifty-three years. Some of our products include truck scales, rail scales, load cells, conveyor scales, bench scales, floor scales and more. We can modify existing equipment, and also offer calibration services.

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Worcester Scale Co., Inc. $$$

Lancaster, PA  |  800-233-0473

Pennsylvania Scale Company specializes in industrial scales such as counting scales, bench scales, weighing scales, floor scales, portable scales, airport-baggage scales and money-manager scales. With almost 100 years of experience, we provide quality products to various industries.

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Pennsylvania Scale Company $$$

Camby, IN  |  800-908-3927

Maximize your investment with Indy Scale, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 distributor offering expert maintenance, rental, calibration & emergency service along with a vast selection of brand name products. Scale types include: bench, conveyor & in-motion checkweighers, counting, crane, monorail, retail, paint mixing, floor scales, railroad, pallet & lift truck to semi scales. Improve your results with Indy!

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Indianapolis Scale Company $$$

St. Charles, IL  |  800-365-0084

We are a company that knows how to manufacture industrial scales. We have years of experience researching, manufacturing, and refining our scales to last through years of rugged use. We believe in building products that last to benefit our customers in every way possible. We guarantee all our products to last. Find out more by contacting us today!

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Doran Scales, Inc. $$$
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The accumulation of these saved seconds can, on a long enough timeline, translate into increased productivity. For this reason, industrial scales are often equipped with digital displays when possible. Digital readouts can sometimes be easier to read without mistake, which can, coupled with the time saved, lead to better productivity and reduced accidental misreading. Many different kinds of scales can be equipped with digital displays; a few examples include platform scales, floor scales, medical scales and bench scales.

Digital scales display weight measurements digitally rather than in dial, analog, or balance beam form. This display is called liquid crystal display (LCD). LCDs block light through the reaction of liquid crystals to electric current. As a result, the area in which the light is blocked is darkened, and when electrical current is strategically applied, the darkened areas form numbers that represent the weight reading. Digital scales require no calculations like mechanical scales and are often portable and easy to use.

The display on digital scales is achieved through the use of light-emitting diodes (LED). These semi-conductors produce light through their reaction to electrical current. When electrical current is supplied in a particular manner, the diodes illuminate in numerical shapes. Digital scales offer high precision by using complex systems, such as load cell technology that translates the weight of an object into electronic signals, which are conveyed to the user in digital form. They are also very accurate and reliable, with the ability to weigh objects for a wide range of applications.

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